What to Expect On Your First Visit to our Office – It’s Simple

The Commute

Relax and enjoy a pleasant drive through the country or our community as you head to the "Only Waunakee in the World." Located in the Arboretum Office Park, Waunakee Chiropractic is just around the corner on Quinn Drive. Pull into our parking lot or simply park on street and get ready to walk into our bright comfortable waiting room.

The Team

Greeted by our teams’ happy to see you demeanor, experience and know how, we’ll get the process going and make filling out the dreaded forms as painless as possible. If there is time to spare, you can relax with your choice of a large variety of interesting magazines and reading materials.

The Process

Next, you will be led back to our history room - it’s where one of the Chiropractic Assistants will gather additional information about your health concerns and/or history.

You will then be escorted to one of our adjusting rooms and be greeted by one of our doctors.

As the doctor reviews your information, they may have some more detailed questions for you. Typically a spinal examination is performed which includes a range of motion, palpation, and an orthopedic and neurologic evaluation. Don’t worry, this examination is painless and is relatively quick to complete.

The Outcome

Finally – the doctor will give you an explanation of their findings (why do you hurt), recommendations (which may include x-rays and additional fact finding) and the next steps in your overall health care (how to feel better).

After you are comfortable with all of the findings of the exam, your questions answered and your fears relieved, the doctor will perform a chiropractic adjustment to get you on the road to recovery and feeling back to yourself again!

It’s that simple….You are now on the path to greater healing and increasing your quality of life!


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