Being a three sport athlete my whole life, I’ve had my fair share of aches and pains. I’ve relied on Dr. Lee at Waunakee Chiropractic to not only address injuries, but maintain my day-to-day health. I recommend her to anyone that is looking to increase their overall wellness and liveliness!

-- Taylor

I was experiencing upper back and neck problems for over 4 months. The constant pain was interfering with both my sleep and everyday activities. Luckily, a close friend of mine recommended Dr. Sonday. From the very first visit Dr. Sonday analyzed my spine, sleeping patterns, daily routines, and other various factors that could have caused the discomfort. I was astonished with the progress within my first few visits. The combination of professional adjustments by Dr. Sonday in addition to his recommended stretches for me to perform on my own at home, allowed me to regain control of the pain that haunted me over the 4 months prior. Dr. Sonday is very knowledgeable and personable in a field that requires high levels of trust on sensitive areas and I highly recommend him.


I’ve had a few different chiropractors over the past few years due to moving to new cities, but Dr. Lee is by far my favorite. She makes every appointment feel like more than just a practitioner trying to heal a patient, but as a friend who truly cares about your well-being. She goes above and beyond what is required of her as a chiropractor.

-- Renee

Dr. Lee has the magic touch. My hips and lower back often go out when I drive long distances, and she always puts me back in line (and she's fun to talk to as well!).

-- Dan

Dr. Lee has adjusted myself and my daughters since they were babies. With her careful adjustments, my girls avoided the constant ear infections that plagued their friends. As they got older and played aggressively in sports, Dr. Lee kept their spine straight, hips level and their joints moving freely.

-- Karla

Dr. Sonday is truly a great chiropractor. I had nagging mid back pain from years of wrestling, and Dr. Sonday was able to relieve me of the pain after just a few adjustments. To top it off, he gave me tips on how to strengthen my back. He's a miracle worker! If you want your whole family to reach optimal health and wellness, he's the doctor to call!

-- Pat

Dustin is the type of doctor that everyone should have: highly educated, passionate, and insightful. He truly cares about his patients well-being. His drive to ensure the highest quality of care is something I truly respect. I would (and do) recommend Dustin to all my friends, family and coworkers.

-- Brian


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